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    “There is more to life than increasing its speed”
    Musashi approx 1640 AD.

    Another great quote from one of Japan’s foremost swordsmasters.... but what does this mean today to you?

    upon discussion with others, I have discovered that this is something I have often promoted but yet not adopted consciously! I have had many apprentice’s through the years in my day job/ career, as such when they have learned the fundamentals from me I always suggest now it’s time to slow down and perfect... having thought about this quote it is accurate to all areas of life, chasing money u loose site of what u have, to rush from place to place with no consciousness of enjoying the life I have, in the midst of this pandemic, loosing time with family members due to current situations make me realise it is important to reserve time! Make time, I find this difficult but i have started time to ones self enjoying time on runs and bikes for me I plan to adopt this long after the current restrictions we all face, but also to schedule more so that correct prioritisation can be achieved. For time is something that is the biggest limited resource we have! For regardless of what ones perception of riches are, with no time to enjoy them there is no wealth in these riches ??


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      Anything worth doing in life is worth doing well.

      Not fast.

      ​​​(Unless you're evading something. Then move very quickly, but with precision and care to how and where)

      The arts are lifelong, they shouldn't be rushed. Because rushing will only bring less quality. Quality learned, quality trained, quality lived.

      Besides if you rush, you'll possibly get to your destination quicker (if at all) but it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.