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    Not sure how everyone else is finding things but our dojo is struggling to get new students. I know there is always peaks and tariffs with new intake and current members leaving but there’s seems to have a real shift in the martial art community. There doesn’t seem to be many in it for the long haul and I wonder if this is a result of not getting the instant gratification the younger folk have become accustomed to.

    Has anyone else had to change the way they teach and train to accommodate or this just a longer lull than we’ve had previously?

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    Yep our organisation is also struggling for numbers i think partially due to the above and partly because businesses spend a lot more time and money getting their name and services out there. We are more looking at how we initially reach out to people than amending teaching styles but we do have a separate grading syllabus for children which helps as can use shorter grading times to help encourage them.


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      We always seem to have a good retention rate in our club and currently have a lot of people on our free trials with almost all signing up as full time students

      we use local FB pages and word of mouth from current students to advertise.


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        My son trained in judo under John and Ruth Goldman from age 5 to 14, at Devon Judo Centres.
        They have an amazing club, that always has full classes. They make it fun for the kids, and teach them so well.
        As they get older, typically to age 12-14 only a very few continue to study Judo.

        I think the teenage lads all fancy doing MMA or muay thai as they get drawn to more of a combat thing with the onset of testosterone!
        I got him to try a few karate clubs but he wouldn't stick with it - said it was boring.
        I think every teenager would benefit from doing martial arts, but many don't have the staying power or the discipline.

        In my university karate club we put on a demonstration at the freshers fair every year, and in the years I organised it we recruited 50-100 people, and about 30 remained in the class after drop-off.

        My t'ai chi class can be quite busy, but everyone there is over 40, and quitea few are in their 70s.