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Finding the right instructor for you

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  • Finding the right instructor for you

    Hi all,

    From my personal experience, finding the right instructor for you can make all the difference in your training.

    Below is what I feel and have learned, what do you look for?

    Generally i have found that an instructor who at least allows cross training, ideally has done it and / or promotes it tends to be a better teacher as they have knowledge from more sources.

    Also one who, where possible, looks to know and train you as an individual, they get a good balance between helping you achieve your own goals and teaching you something that you'd never considered learning or the value it holds.

    Finally someone who gets the balance of control right, strict enough to get their lessons across and keep the group harmony yet not too overwhelming so you can still learn in your own way and express yourself.

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    Good post. For me, it has someone who both has knowledge and who can apply/teach it.

    Beng good a martial arts and being a good teacher are very separate.