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  • Welcome!

    We would like to welcome you to Chris Crudelli Martial IQ Forums! Chris's vision is to create a community of intelligent, positive, supportive like minded people to share knowledge, experience, ideas, advice and stories, to engage in meaningful discussion and to spread the love of everything martial arts.
    We hope you are able to find your area of interest here, but we welcome comments and feedback. If there is something you would like to discuss and don't see here, let us know! Or hit the New Topic button and share your wisdom!

    Glad you are here.

    Chris Crudelli is a Graduate of London University’s SOAS & Beijing Shi Fan University. He has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years, 12 of which were spent in China and Korea. Fluent in Mandarin, he is also a Kung Fu & Taiji Master, Author & TV Host, best known for his self-penned BBC TV series 'Mind Body Kick Ass Moves' broadcast in over 180 countries worldwide.

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    Thank you for setting up this site, it is a great platform to both share your knowledge and learn something new.


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      The full set of Season 1 of mind body and kick ass moves TVshow is hosted here in case anyone hasn't already worn out the discs watching it 20 times like me.