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    Is this the future of martial arts? Perhaps the only martial arts system created by a university, it was developed by professional sport scientists at Yung-In University in Korea, and is now thought of as a compulsory element to physical education students.

    It is a hybrid martial art separated into three levels simply categorised as: beginner, moderate and difficult. It combines kicking techniques taken from Tae Kwon Do, shifting and throwing techniques from Hapkido and throwing techniques from Judo. There are also elements of Korean wresting, Ssireum and fencing.

    The three areas of human development the system was designed to enhance are physical action, mental endurance and functions requiring a combination of both physical and mental endurance.

    Author of this article Chris Crudelli is a Graduate of London University’s SOAS & Beijing Shi Fan University. He is also a Kung Fu & Taiji Master, Author & TV Host best known for his self-penned BBC TV series 'Mind Body Kick Ass Moves' broadcast in over 180 countries worldwide.

    • Mark Drake
      Mark Drake commented
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      So they have just combined the Korean arts into one system?

    • chriscrudelli
      chriscrudelli commented
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      I think that’s about right yes.
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