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  • Coronavirus protection

    It may all blow over or it could become the seasonal Spanish Flu. Are you taking precautions at home, at the Dojo and abroad?
    please share your tips and advice.

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    I think the hardest thing is that the symptoms are so close to flu and therefore getting the balance between being sensible and over cautious. Do we now stay home every time we wake up with a sore throat?



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    UKHSA data dashboard

    This site takes you to the latest government advice which is updated daily. At work we've been told to follow it.


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      Its a tough call. My work is not dojo related - we have 80 people in 30 countries working remotely. I have advised them to upload their art sources as soon as they feel ill, so we dont risk losing their work if they end up in a government quarantine centre - we make video games.

      We had a trip planned in April to film a documentary at fort Bragg in the states with us special forces veterans. I have postponed it until June mainly to avoid sudden lockdowns, travel chaos and maybe losing one of my guests or technicians due to them feeling ill.

      it should pass over within 2 months. If the figures are right in the uk 14m people will become infected about half of whom wont even register symptoms, but 140k vulnerable people will die of pneumonia.

      so if you have students with asthma, autoimmune conditions or who are very old, or if they have family who fit that description, i would recommend they stay away from physical and prolonged contact ie your dojo for 2 months.

      this would help avoid infecting a vulnerable person.


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        Please everybody read this, Pharmaceutical Facility Sanitization: Best Practices Considered


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          Not only is hygiene very important at this time, but so is taking care of your lungs. Covid 19 causes fibrosis of the lungs.
          This isn't just a plug, Tai Chi and Qi gong breathing methods are proven to improve lung functionality, it could be the vital difference between becoming chronically I'll or not.
          Not only can it improve your chances of surving the Covid 19 outbreak, but it is also a great stress reliever, oh so important if in isolation.

          To reverse your breath the Tai Chi way:
          1 stand up so your body is open.
          2 Place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
          3 breathe in deeply through your nose, envisage you are drawing the breath to your 'dantien' (just below belly button), inflating the stomach as much as possible.
          4 exhale slowly and smoothly via the mouth, deflating the stomach again
          5 repeat
          6 relax and enjoy!
          For advice on this feel free to contact me.
          Page not found – NHS Networks


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            Anyone using their PT game in addition to other measures ?


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              As many of my T'ai chi class areover 50, we've suspended group training indefinitely.
              We're doing daily training challenges at home, and supporting each other via social media and email.


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                Love this! Stay home is the new go out