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    The Sun, My Heart by Thich Nhat Hahn, who is a prolific Vientnamese Buddhist monk who was exiled from Vietnam during the Vietnamese war. I believe the reason was because he went to the USA to travel town to town to show and teach the American people that the Vietnamese War was unjust. Although I may be simplifying that.

    This book literally travels everywhere with me. From distant rainforests to being sat at Scunthope bus station I have found myself reading extracts and stories from this. It is like a companion and the author invites you to welcome it into your life as such. It is his follow-up to the wonderful The Miracle of Mindfulness and he simply uses simple stories and accounts of his life at Plum Village to teach about mindfulness and meditation in a welcoming, simple and intellectual way. Miracle of Mindfulness is maybe his most popular book, but there's something special about this one thats makes it unforgetable for me.


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      Great recommendation Jon, thanks, he’s a great author who literally lives his talk. Inspirational

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    ​​​​Yes sifu there are audio psalm and stories from the Bible of the website bible gateway


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      Martial arts related I enjoyed reading B K. Frantzis's The power of internal martial arts. I'd recommend the book on that fact it is well referenced and pretty thorough in sections. Although Frantzis is predominantly Bagua zhang it seems a good reference source on internal styles in general.

      If anyone has a lot of time on their hands the Golden Bough by Sir James Frazier on the cultural / ethnic parallels regarding myths / superstitions, practical magic and religious ritual. It's of its time to a degree (1890s - 1915) but intense.

      Shooting the big fish by David Lynch on meditation and creativity. Some good anecdotes on apply meditation in daily life without being esoteric. A lot lighter read than the Golden Bough Bough.